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Sparkler Fun

A favorite part of planning any wedding is the decision of what to choose for wedding favors. There are so many fun ideas out there and it is important to choose accessories and favors that compliment your wedding. I always like to play on the fun side when helping my brides choose their favors. They don't have to be overdone. In fact, the more simple favors can be the most memorable and unique they are.

While sitting in the office recently with a bride who is having an upcoming summer wedding, we played with so many ideas but became very excited over the idea of sparklers! Our minds raced as we came up with so many fun ideas in which to incorporate sparklers in her wedding. I have included some photos to show how they might be used .....the ideas for sparklers are endless! Perhaps sparklers would be perfect for your upcoming wedding?

Garden Bridal Shower

A Bridal Shower is an event to honor the bride-to be and garden settings offer a fun and unique way to celebrate this occasion!

With all of the beautiful invitations offered, be sure to choose an invitation to set the mood for your garden affair. There are many new invitations that feature flowers and a very popular invitation with a tear off respond card is the “Seal n’ Send” design. This is a perfect way to handle the responses in a very informal way.

There are so many wonderful ideas for garden Bridal Showers. You might add a pop of color to the table floral arrangements with bright pink roses accented with brilliant sunflowers. Chairs can be decorated with your favorite blooms. Bridal favors might be a packet of seeds tied onto the colored napkins and cocktails or berry punch can be adorned with edible flower ice cubes.

What could be more fun than decorating sugar cookies that have been iced with your favorite flavored frosting and topped with a fresh pansy or two?

Have fun with your ideas, and celebrate the bride-to-be with a colorful, fun garden Bridal Shower!

Keeping it Fun and Stress Free!

Wedding season is upon us! Brides are attending Spring Bridal shows and making decisions on wedding vendors that will help to make their wedding special and unique.

There are so many choices out there! It is no wonder that brides and mothers of the bride become easily overwhelmed. Choosing the right vendor will make all the difference in the world! Experienced vendors will take the time to listen to you and guide you through the entire process.

Choosing your “perfect” invitation ensemble should be a very fun experience! The experienced stationer will be able to help you make all of those choices such as invitation “style”, fonts that will compliment your invitation stock and colors that you might consider introducing to your ensemble. They have knowledge of the wedding industry and what is trending. They will also take the time to help you write your ensemble be it a traditional affair or something more contemporary. Your invitation specialist will also keep you on a schedule for addressing and mailing and be available to answer any other questions that you might have down the line.

My advice would be to work with the professional … someone who has been in the business for some time and who has the experience and knowledge to make this wonderful adventure that is ahead of you, fun and stress free!

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